Here at The Drum Recycler we recycle & restore used drum kits.

Hi I’m Clare.

I discovered in the process of many years of maintaining, cleaning and repairing my kits, that unlike most drummers I really enjoyed this process. It gives me great satisfaction to get an old seized up mechanism moving again or to revive an old rusty snare shell.

I have combined my passion for drums with my desire to RECYCLE & SAVE drums from ending up in Land Fill. It breaks my heart to think of any drums ending their life that way.

The end product of my restoration or re-modelling is of a better quality than most of the cheap kits flooding the internet.

Decrease your carbon footprint and buy local……….

I have been drumming for more than 30 years and am passionate about Drumming & Drums and In particular Vintage drums!
Check out some of my favourite vintage kits below.

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You can call or text us on 0410179923 or contact us using the contact form