Gretsch Blackhawk




5 Piece Kit, In very good condition in Burgundy red wrap.
Solid kit consisting of –
  • 22″ inch Kick drum
  • 14″ Hanging floor tom
  • 12″ Hanging tom
  • 10″ Hanging tom
  • 14″ x 5″ wooden Snare drum with new Evans head.
Note: there is a crack in the bass drum plastic covering, doesn’t affect the kit at all. Refer to photo.
  • Double Braced Boom Cymbal Stand,
  • Double Braced Gibraltar Straight Cymbal Stand with Gretsch mount and clamp.
  • Double Braced Gibraltar High hat Stand with new Gibraltar clutch,
  • Double Braced Gibraltar Snare drum stand,
  • PDP  Kick Pedal
  • Gretsch Double Tom Mount,
  • Stool,
  • New tuning key and sticks.
  • Century 20″ Ride Cymbal,
  • Shalloch 14″ Hi Hats
  • Shalloch 16″ Crash cymbal,
The kit has been fully stripped and cleaned, lubed, broken parts replaced/repaired, rebuilt & tuned and is ready to go.